Wyre Forest Summer Gathering Report and Resources

Green Party Leader, Natalie Bennett, attended Wyre Forest Green Party's Summer Gathering on Sunday, 2nd August.  The 80-odd attendees heard Natalie cover a wide-range of issues in a speech and subsequent question-and-answer session.

A following session on the day enabled participants to discuss issues ranging from elderly care and migration and how as a Party we can move the agenda in these areas in a positive direction.  These small groups' session stimulated a great deal of interest and debate.  Natalie Bennett took the time to sit in on each group and engage with participants’ and the discussions.

Representatives from each group fed back  to the gathering using the flip chart sheets that held their ideas and this was well received by all.

The links numbered 4 onwards contain the main points fed back from the small groups.  As you  might expect the feedback from the group for ‘Environment’ generated the most amount of information and this will be posted here as soon as we are able.


1. View the Kidderminster Shuttle interview with Natalie Bennett by clicking on this line.

2. Express and Star interview with Natalie Bennett.

3. Youtube of Natalie Bennett session (23 minutes)


Small Groups' Feedback

4. Migration and Asylum Seekers

5. Animal Protection

6. Education

7. Elderley Care

8. Health

9. Transport

10. Welfare and Community

11. Young People