2017 General Election

Candidate Brett Caulfield Introduces Himself

30th May 2017

Potential Candidate

In this <video>

Brett talks about the Green Party proposal for the Brexit process here: <video>

Leaflet Launched

14th May 2017

<This is Brett's main leaflet for the campaign>


Candidate Announced

5th May 2017

Wyre Forest Green Party has announced that local campaigner, Brett Caulfield, is to stand as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Wyre Forest constituency in the 2017 General Election.

A Crowdfunding campaign was held to raise the £500 needed for him to stand in the vote on Thursday, June 8.

Kidderminster born, Brett has a background in education and works with young people to improve their employment prospects. He has pledged to fight to scrap tuition fees and restore the idea of free education, to give 16- and 17-year-olds the vote, and to protect the environment for future generations. Brett wants to make sure that young people can have their say on the final terms of a Brexit deal that many of them didn’t want and voted against.

Brett says, "It is unlikely that we will see another election as important as this one and the Green Party is the real party of change. This is a time of uncertainty for our country, and it’s particularly bleak for our young people. I want to help put right the wrongs of the last government and that’s why I am campaigning for a bold, positive future for our country and why I am strongly opposed to the extreme Brexit and far-right agenda of some of the other parties.

Instead I want Wyre Forest to be a place where our health and welfare services are protected from cuts, where there are good jobs and affordable homes for those starting out, and to be a place where the air is fit for our children to breathe. Voting Green is the only way constituents can stand up for the common good.”

A keen sportsman, he is calling for better funding to improve young people’s access to good local facilities and training.

For more information about Brett, please contact him on 0792 122 9694 or email brett@wyreforest.greenparty.org.uk

Help Fund Our Campaign

Wyre Forest Green Party needs your help. We need to raise £500 to pay for our election deposit.

Potential CandidateThe 8th June will be a defining moment for our democracy. The people of Wyre Forest will have their say over the direction this country is going to take, and their decision is really a very simple one.

They can vote to stick with a government determined to throw the country over the Brexit cliff edge, or they can vote for a more positive vision of a different kind of Britain.

The Green Party stands for a different kind of politics and we need your help to make every single Green vote count.