May 2nd 2019 Wyre Forest District Council Elections

Green Party Stood 11 Candidates in the 2019 District Election


Vicky Caulfied elected for Blakebrook & Habberly South


Wyre Forest Green Party wants a sustainable and healthy future for all residents. Wyre Forest District has many challenges to face over the next few years, including continued austerity resulting in declining services (particularly health, social care and youth), major homebuilding plans, pollution, loss of important natural habitat and impacts from climate change.

The Council Draft Local Plan threatens to put our valuable Greenbelt under threat of suburban sprawl. We stand with the residents’ groups who say that all the homes we need can be built on brownfield sites. Apartments can be built in our town centres, which will help revitalise them and put affordable housing close to the services which people use, reducing traffic. Derelict sites should be acquired by the council to facilitate development. Other open space that is used for recreation, agriculture or diverse wildlife deserves protection, too.

The council needs to encourage the building of social housing with high levels of energy efficiency as well as refurbishing existing properties to improve their energy rating. A properly built house, using energy-saving technology would cost less than £100 per year to heat. Not only a welcome reduction for the occupants but a local contribution to reducing CO2 and decreasing climate change.

It is important to reuse and recycle more so free food and garden waste collections should be introduced as part of moving to a zero waste economy. The council should take a lead on phasing out damaging plastics.

To reduce air pollution we would introduce traffic reduction measures such as converting certain roads to one way traffic along with tree planting in the most polluted areas. New developments should not be approved that increase the amount of traffic generating air pollution, particularly in the at risk areas such as Welch Gate and the Horsefair. Schools could coordinate better to reduce parent-child journeys and promote safe walking and cycling.

We support local food production though allotments, farmers markets and local producers.

The local safety of pedestrians and cyclists including children would be improved by the introduction of a 20miles per hour limit in residential areas.

We want to see bus services that are cheap, frequent and reliable. Bus companies which are not fit for purpose should lose their contracts.

The reduction of youth support services is leading to increasing levels of crime and vandalism – this must be reversed.

The Tory administration is treating us to ‘death by a thousand cuts’. We have lost the award winning music room in our library building, lost our beautiful registry office that so many people have been married in. Overall, we still see a reducing quality of living, less for our elderly, less for our young people.

Greens want to make sure that individuals and communities have the opportunity to play a greater role in the decisions that matter to your lives, rather than experience the closed doors and sham consultations of the present Tory administration. Money must be found for the services we need.

For a more democratic council, the cabinet structure should be replaced with committees so that one party does not have absolute control. We look forward to having a Green or two on council who can provide an alternative view and put forward fresh ideas. Just 2 councillors on Worcester City Council have made a huge positive difference.

Vote Green on May 2nd for a sustainable future and improved health and wellbeing of all Wyre Forest residents. Your candidates are:

Aggborough & Spennells - Maxine Watkins
Arley Kings & Riverside - Luke Casper
Bewdley & Rock - John Davis
Blakebrook & Habberley South - Vicky Caulfield
Broadwaters - Anita Ostrowski
Foley Park & Hoobrook - Dave Finch
Franche & Habberley North - Brett Caulfield
Lickhill - Nick Atkinson
Mitton - Phil Oliver
Offmore & Comberton - Regret candidate had to withdraw
Wribbenhall & Arley - Megan Jane Williams
Wyre Forest Rural - Kate Spohrer



For more information the Green Party, our campaign and our policies, please call Vicky Caulfield on 07508 468720 or email