Impressive Vote Achieved by Wyre Forest Green Candidates

18 May 2015

The Green Party contested Wyre Forest for the first time in the 2015 elections and local campaigner Natalie McVey received 1,117 votes, just 109 behind the Liberal Democrat.

In the District Council Elections, Natalie was the lead Green candidate in Blakebrook and Habberley South and received 481 votes – almost 40% that of the winning top Tory candidate.

“I would like to express my thanks to the residents of Wyre Forest for their continued support during the General Election campaign. Regardless of how they finally voted, it has been great privilege to meet more of the people of this constituency and listen to their ideas and concerns. I would, of course, especially like to thank those voters who put their trust in me, the first Green Party parliamentary candidate in the constituency.

“The Green Party has not been elected in Wyre Forest this time round but we have achieved a lot. We have had the opportunity to raise the profile of our policies, to promote the concerns of local residents, and to return the politics of hope to this country. Now more people than ever are aware of what the Green Party stand for.

Picture of Wyre Forest Candidate Natalie McVey“I have been particularly impressed by the strength of support coming from Wyre Forest’s young people. They have responded to my message of hope and change, and this gives me confidence that the future direction of our country.

“With the surge in Green Party membership, both nationally and locally, I know that there is so much more we can achieve, so that together we can continue to bring fresh ideas and energy to our Wyre Forest so that it becomes a place where everyone works for the common good.   

Nationally, the Green Party received a fourfold increase in it’s vote to 1,157,613 and Caroline Lucas extended her majority in Brighton.  The party retained 123 deposits, compared with the six it saved in 2010, and achieved second places in four constituencies.

In other district council wards, Green candidates performed as follows:

Aggborough & Spennells, Douglas Hine, 410 votes (24% of the winning candidate)

Bewdley & Rock, Phil Oliver, 566 votes (26%)

Broadwaters, Dave Finch, 358 votes (38%)

Foley Park & Hoobrook, Ronald Lee, 392 votes (29%)

Franche & Habberley North, Jon Mills, 437 votes (22%)

Lickhill, Nick Atkinson, 61 votes (10%)

Mitton, Gilda Davis, 350 votes (23%)

Offmore & Comberton, Brett Caulfield, 405 votes (30%)

Wribbenhall & Arley, Louise Ryan, 215 votes (18%)

Wyre Forest Rural, Kate Spohrer, 756 votes (30%)

In the postphoned election in Areley Kings and Riverside ward on June 9th, John Davis gained 66 votes (10%).