Brett Caulfied Speaks Out Against Fox Hunting

1 June 2017

Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Wyre Forest, Brett Caulfield, has pledged to fight ‘tooth and nail’ to save the fox hunting ban and end animal cruelty and exploitation in Britain.

“We will always stand shoulder to shoulder with animal advocates across Britain and the world. And we need to stand tall now more than ever as we face a challenging future.

“Theresa May has announced that, should the Conservative Party win the general election, we will be subjected to a bloodthirsty campaign to bring back fox hunting.

“After intense lobbying from her friends and colleagues in industry, Theresa May has also taken the unprecedented step of ditching a pledge to end the squalid ivory trade.

“Coupled with the Party’s steadfast commitment to a cruel, needless and evidence-free badger cull policy, its intention to water down a whole host of farm animal welfare standards, and its broken promises on wild animals in circuses – we could wake to find Britain a much less compassionate country on June the 9th.

“Only a strong Green opposition will fight a united front against this cruelty and fight tooth and nail to end animal suffering.

“We need more Greens in Parliament alongside Caroline Lucas to help fight this battle.  I hope to become the Green representative for Wyre Forest and add another strong voice for the animals in Westminster”.

“I give my full backing to the Green Party Animal Protection Manifesto.”

The Animal Protection Manifesto commits to seven key pledges:

  1. End Factory Farming – Taking Animals Out Of Cages And Putting Them Back In The Fields
  2. Strengthen And Extend The Hunting Act And Continue Our Strong Opposition To The Badger Cull
  3. Protect Habitats And Wildlife Both At Home And Abroad
  4. Completely Review Companion Animal-Breeding And Licensing Legislation To Stop The Suffering Of Unwanted And Inadequately Cared-For Companion Animals
  5. End The Suffering Of Animals In Experiments
  6. End The Suffering Of Animals Used For Our Entertainment
  7. 7.       Ensuring Policy-Making Never Forgets Animals

The full Animal Protection Manifesto can be found via <this Link>

Brett continued,

“It’s truly an honour to stand for a party that has consistently and unwaveringly defended animals. Compassion for animals is in the Green Party’s DNA.

“Fox hunting is needless and causes tremendous suffering. We must continue to protect the Island’s precious wildlife by ensuring this barbaric practice remains illegal.

“It is unfathomable that the Conservative Party would plot to bring back such a bloodthirsty pursuit that they know 84% of the public oppose.

“As your Green MP, I will fight tooth and nail to ensure we keep the ban in place, but not only that – I will campaign for the ban to be strengthened and properly enforced”.


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