Concerns Over Balloon Release

5 August 2014

Wyre Forest Green Party has written to a local church asking them to reconsider their practice of releasing balloons into the air in order to mark significant occasions.

On Sunday 3rd August, St Mary’s church, Kidderminster held a special service for peace to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. Part of the service involved the release of 100 white balloons with messages of peace written by local churches and school children attached to them.

Whilst we fully support events that promote peace and goodwill in Wyre Forest, we are worried about the hazards of mass balloon releases, as they are damaging to the environment and can cause harm to animals if the balloons are eaten.

Responding to our concerns, Revd. Alex Vaccaro said, ‘All balloons will be biodegradable, as will strings and labels, and strings will be cut to minimum length, so that the risk to environment, wildlife or livestock is minimized.’

Despite these measures, the RSPCA, Marine Conservation Society and National Farmers’ Union have also condemned the practice. Even biodegradable materials can block digestive or respiratory tracts if ingested by unsuspecting animals.

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