Fair Representation in Wyre Forest

31 May 2015

Now that the result is in for the recent Wyre Forest district council elections, we can reflect on the urgent need to reform the outdated and unfair voting system.

Whilst the Conservative Party earned the most votes, their percentage share of the total votes cast does not justify their almost total dominance of our local politics. If the votes for the highest-polling party candidate in each ward are translated into a system of proportional representation, the council would now have 9 Conservative councillors, 6 Labour, 5 ICHC, 5 UKIP, 3 Green and one each Liberal and Independent. Instead, an incredible 21 of the 30 available seats are now occupied by Conservative councillors.

This means large swathes of electorate opinion are being excluded from council. Wyre Forest Green Party  would like to see a more vibrant local democracy where the number of councillors from each party or grouping matches the proportion of people who voted for them. That is why we support the Electoral Reform Society’s call for a political system that puts the interests of the fair representation first.

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