Wyre Forest Green Party believes in building a fairer and more equal society. We want a higher standard of democracy and greater accountability of politicians to the communities they serve. We believe in social justice on a global level as well as at home. We work for an ecologically sustainable future for all.

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Candidate Brett Caulfield Introduces Himself

30th May 2017

Potential Candidate

In this <video>

Animals Manifesto


Brett says "End Animal Cruelty & Exploitation"

Brett Caulfield, Candidate for Wyre Forest, gives his full backing to the Green Party Animal Protection Manifesto, which guarantees protection for animals, an end to animal cruelty and retaining the ban on fox hunting.

“Only a strong Green opposition will fight against animal cruelty and fight tooth and nail to stop the return of fox hunting.

“We need more Greens in Parliament alongside Caroline Lucas to help fight this battle.  I hope to become the Green representative for Wyre Forest and add another strong voice for the animals in Westminster”.

Teresa May is on record saying she wants to bring back fox hunting.  The Tories will also continue the cruel, pointless and costly badger cull ... download the Green Party Animal Manifesto here <click to download>.

Easy Read Version (click to download)

When you vote for Wyre Forest Green Party you are standing up for the rights and welfare of the many – not just the privileged few. You can place your trust in Green politicians because we are not afraid to stand up and defend the things that we believe in.

Wyre Forest Green Party is growing. Every day more and more people join us. Can you add your voice and help us make Wyre Forest a better place for everyone?

New on This Website

5th May 2017  More information about Brett Caulfield and the Green Party campaign for Wyre Forest

20th Apr 2017  Help fund the Election of a Green MP for Wyre Forest

10th Apr 2017  Candidates Announced for County Council Election of May 4th

9th Aug 2015  New page for 2015 Summer Gathering Resources

Three reasons to vote Green

  • We fight austerity and welfare cuts.
  • We oppose privatisation and fight for public services.
  • We are working to build an ecologically sustainable community for our children’s future.

Wyre Forest Green Party offers real change, for the common good.

See our 2015 General Election Manifesto.  See also our 2014 European manifesto, our values and full policies.

Help Make Us Stronger

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