Wyre Forest Green Party offers real change, for the common good.

Three reasons to vote Green:

  • We fight austerity and welfare cuts.
  • We oppose privatisation and fight for public services.
  • We are working to build an ecologically sustainable community for our children’s future.

We believe in building a fairer and more equal society. We want a higher standard of democracy and greater accountability of politicians to the communities they serve. We believe in social justice on a global level as well as at home. We work for an ecologically sustainable future for all.

Your Wyre Forest Green Councillor: Vicky Caulfield

In Wyre Forest, we have had a Green Party Councillor since May 2019 – the fantastic Vicky Caulfield.  As well as working in education and having a young daughter, Vicky does great work at Wyre Forest District Council:

  • She is Chair of their Green Panel, which looks at improving green initiatives in the District, working towards net zero carbon and working against the Climate Emergency.
  • She is also on the Planning Committee and the Audit Committee.

And of course, Vicky is active in the community, providing support for a wide variety of community organisations.

With your support we can elect more amazing people like Vicky Caulfield.

Vicky Caulfield


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Our Response to the District Council Local Plan

Wyre Forest District Council’s Local Plan – which sets the local planning policies for our area up to 2036 – is reaching its final stage. This has been developed over 6 years by both Tory and Progressive Alliance administrations, working with the Planning Department and having had several consultations with the public – and following the strict processes and formula set down in government rules.

At all stages of consultation this party and many of our members contributed many helpful suggestions and criticisms in order to improve the Plan, but, like many residents, we find we are left with a mixture of positives and negatives. 

Go to the full analysis on this link

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